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At Sandrini Green Outdoors you will find the most prestigious brands of furniture accessories for pools, gardens and green spaces. We offer you experience and superior quality in every aspect of our service. Whether you’re looking for stylish furniture for your garden or innovative solutions for your pool, we’re here to meet your needs with high-end products and personalized service.

Green Architecture Partners

Not just sales: we are your trusted Green Architecture partner, offering above all advice, design, installation, and accompaniment at all stages, as your single point of contact and manager. With our experienced team, transform your outdoor spaces into an oasis of beauty and functionality, with sustainable and innovative architectural solutions that will enhance your environment.

Exclusive Outdoor Furniture Complements

Masonry, stone, structural concrete, finishing and detail work; outdoor furniture complements, gardens, pools and terraces, sophisticated and antique materials combining technology and tradition. From vases to chairs, from lampposts to pergolas, we offer a wide range of sought-after and original items to complete your prestige garden and designer pool in the ideal way.

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Sandrini Green Outdoor Logo Bianco
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